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Product Warranty Guidlines

* We offer 1 year warranty period for all printers & 6 months warranty period for all toners purchased at

A. Warranty Coverage: Manufacturing Defects (if any)
  • Toner leakage before peeling-off the security seal
  • Printing issues such as blur, black dots, white lines and print shadow due to manufacturing defects


B. Warranty Non-Coverage: Abnormal handling/return & miss-used by customers
  • The warranty control sticker at the laser toner casing is either broken or missing
  • The weight of the remaining toner load is less than 80% compared to a new or unused toner cartridge. (Toner load varies from cartridge models)
  • The principal reserve all rights to charge 80% toner usage should there be any exchange take place
  • The toners casing broken (due to transportation) and OPC drum scratched due to miss-handling on customer’s part
  • Toner leakage due to any attempts of refilling exercise on dealers or end-users part
  • The seal was torn (when customer removing it) resulting no toner powder supply from the cartridge


Toner cartridges technical support & warranty procedures:

All products are to be returned to Customer Support Department (CSD) for technical inspection & testing. The response lead time from CSD is 5 working days minimum (excluding public holidays) for toner products.

* Important Notice:
How to expedite warranty exchange? If customers/dealers are able to attach print samples as a poof of printing problems and inform us the date of purchase then it should expedite the warranty exchange lead time.